The Capra meets dü

dü - I'm back! at least a little.
I am delighted to announce the collaboration with the boutique hotel The Capra. In future, the idea of dü will be continued in the hotel's wine cellar. From December 2023, it will be the dü cheese fondue experience in the cozy ambience of The Capra. They  have adapted the menu and all the recipes, just like our long-standing suppliers - and of course I will also be there from time to time.
I look forward to seeing one or two familiar faces. See you soon.


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Watch out! the Fondue Hitta (Untere Gasse 3) remains closed.

Goodbye - with a tearful eye

dü, was a matter of passion for me. I am grateful for this great time. A huge thank you to the wonderful guests I have had the pleasure of hosting and getting to know here. Many of them have become regular guests - and that is the nicest compliment for me. Of course, I will still be in Saas-Fee frequently after my time in the dü. After all, my second home has grown close to my heart.


dü is the name of the unique fondue Hitta in Saas Fee, which radiates the typical Valais consistency. Consistency because dü is housed in an old wooden stable which protected cows and sheep from the icy winters for around two hundred years. Today the old wooden beams meet a modern, custom-made oven in the former barn, which, as the heart of the Fondue Hitta, provides a warm and cordial ambiance. The wood stove is not only used for heating, but also for cooking.


I am not originally from the Valais region, but this has been my home for many years now. Originally I came to Saas-Fee for winter sports. Later, I worked at the former alpine Resort Hohnegg during the winter seasons. Besides the impressive alpine scenery, it was the people there who instilled in me a love for Saas Fee, and the feeling that I needed to be here every winter season. With the opening of dü two dreams have therefore come true: I now have my own little restaurant and can spend every winter season in Saas Fee. I am looking forward to welcoming you to dü!


dü Saas-Fee
Untere Gasse 3
CH-3906 Saas-Fee

Astrid Binder
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dü Saas Fee Hitta, Haus, Schopf, Gadendü Saas Fee  Innenansicht, Tische, Gedeck